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    Novel – Dual Cultivation – Dual Cultivation

    Chapter 562 Returning to Snowfall City gullible mountain

    When w.a.n.g Shuren calmed downward, each of these accessed the area.

    Cross Road: In Their Cases

    And unlike the earlier time, they were able to enter in the location with virtually no issues.

    Su Liqing laughed gracefully, and she spoke, “Since We have told you my storyline, why don’t you say yours?”

    “Do whatever you want,” he was quoted saying before getting into the tablet bedroom.

    Zhang Xiu Ying nodded.


    On the other hand, immediately after he complete his arrangements for your gathering, Su Yang journeyed to evaluate Yan Yan.

    “You will see in the accumulating,” he said with a mysterious laugh.

    Soon after checking out on Yan Yan, Su Yang went to see Zhang Xiu Ying, who had been also advancing smoothly while using cultivation process he designed for her.

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    A while after, soon after hearing Su Liqing’s story, Sunshine Jingjing expressed surprise and affection.

    “That is all on account of the cultivation approach you provided, Grasp.” Yan Yan reported, and she continuing, “It can also help owning a great number of spirit stones.”

    w.a.n.g Shuren did not assume very much about this and tightly grabbed onto the piloting s.h.i.+p.

    A Dream of John Ball, A King’s Lesson

    “In which ought i commence?” Su Liqing revealed a grin, and she started recalling her track record with Su Yang, beginning from the time he was just an Outer Court disciple.

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    “From the area, we have a extremely s.p.a.cious getting spot that can fit thousands of people with no trouble. It really is normally utilized by the Xie Family if they have an a.s.sembly with a number of families and Sects at once, so it’s the perfect place to have our getting. I had already expected the Xie Household for approval to implement it, furthermore, as Lord Xie is likewise at the getting, he helped us make use of it without the additional complications.”

    “Of course, the area for that event has already been build, and so i have just been anticipating you.”

    “What would you like to use those drugs?” she requested him afterward.

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    “You will observe during the getting,” he stated having a mysterious teeth.

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    “Elder Lan, there is also Su Yang’s Family Symbol, proper?” Sunlight Jingjing asked her just to make certain.

    Zhang Xiu Ying nodded.


    “Do whatever you desire,” he stated before getting into the tablet room.

    Zhang Xiu Ying nodded.

    “Now? The getting isn’t till after that full week,” she reported.

    “What are you planning to do with those products?” she required him afterward.

    “Elder Lan, you should also try Su Yang’s Loved ones Tag, right?” Sunshine Jingjing expected her just to make sure.

    The Island Home

    And unlike the last time, they could actually get into the city with virtually no problems.

    Section 562 Going back to Snowfall Town

    “I’m grateful you prefer it. Anyways, I will be out of the Sect for a few days, so when you need something, just search for Liu Lanzhi, or contact me utilizing the communication jade slide,” he stated.

    “It might journey thousands of kilometers within the blink connected with an attention,” he explained that has a smile.

    Su Yang nodded and claimed, “You’ll reach the Incredible Mindset Realm in the end of year at the amount.”

    At the same time, soon after he accomplished his preparations for those getting, Su Yang gone to evaluate Yan Yan.

    “Without a doubt, the area to the getting was already set up, and I have just been looking forward to you.”