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    Chapter 2288 – Kneel and Apologize sulky pets

    In addition, legends experienced it the fact that Leng Family’s ancestor was originally a nominal disciple of the Treatment Ancestor.

    But now, a G.o.d-like existence in their eye actually knelt straight down!

    Zi Jin’s gaze flickered slightly and that he reported inside a solemn speech, “Azurefeather, why haven’t you occur more than and apologize to Lord Next Sage!”

    Deva Realm powerhouses mostly stayed reclusive, hardly ever does any person demonstrate their deal with.

    But Learn provided the directions, to possess him make sure you work out Ye Yuan downward perfectly.

    Following Sage!

    “He’s the legendary Second Sage? I absolutely couldn’t explain to! So fresh and he’s actually already so extraordinary!”

    This measure of existence experienced for ages been higher and mighty into their vision, similar to G.o.ds.

    “He’s the famous 2nd Sage? I honestly couldn’t explain to! So small and he’s actually already so impressive!”


    Azurefeather glared at Ye Yuan and said inside of a cool tone of voice, “Today’s matter, Azurefeather has noted it downwards!”

    This alchemy world’s upstart, Divine Emperor Azurefeather got prolonged heard of his name much like a thunderclap piercing the hearing.

    But he experienced not observed Ye Yuan just before!

    No matter if Ye Yuan was the next Sage he was very young all things considered.

    Deva World powerhouses mostly remained reclusive, very rarely have anyone display their deal with.

    Azurefeather glared at Ye Yuan and explained in a cold tone of voice, “Today’s issue, Azurefeather has observed it lower!”

    “Looks such as this emperor continues to have to make it work!”

    Who on earth failed to know him!

    Following Sage!

    Deva World powerhouses mostly continued to be reclusive, very rarely did everyone clearly show their encounter.

    2nd Sage!


    This discipline could stop thought to not weighty.

    Azurefeather’s phrase evolved, and that he claimed in a solemn tone of voice, “Lord Following Sage, this emperor reaches any amount Ninth Firmament Perfect Emperor as well. You do not really need to be so prolonged, ideal? Do not be very ruthless, to ensure we can match on good terms and conditions down the road!”

    He actually said to Baili Qingyan just now that there seemed to be no long term in right after this child?

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    Zi Jin disregarded him. He converted around and provided a bow toward Ye Yuan, saying, “Medicine Ancestor’s disciple, Zi Jin, presents greetings to Secondly Sage.’

    This level of lifetime acquired been great and mighty on their vision, akin to G.o.ds.