D2S / J.C.D. / C4C Educates and Empowers students to become productive members of society by embracing the Plan, Learn, Work, Grow value system.

To help Youth, Families and Communities reach their full potential.

D2S / J.C.D. / C4C Students (Plan . Learn . Work . Grow)

A person must plan for their future, learn new information and transferable skills, work S.M.A.R.T. towards their goals, and expect to grow expeditiously as result.

As students we actively engage in our learning and personal growth by:

*Having High Expectations
– Stepping up to the challenges offered in life such as rigorous electives and classes
– Striving to succeed at the highest level

*Communicating Effectively
– Expressing thoughts with clarity when speaking or writing
– Appreciating what others have to say by listening

*Appreciating Diversity
– Supporting multicultural clubs, activities and our communities
– Understanding we all have different experiences and respect for those differences

*Becoming Life-Long Learners
– Taking advantage of the programs / services that may relate to my interests
– Creating opportunities that reflect our interests and target

*Becoming confident individuals
– Asking questions and bringing up concerns to teachers / adults
– Participating in classroom discussions
– Recognizing that our opinions are all equally valuable
– Respecting each other’s opinions and feeling safe to share my own
– Becoming involved in school / community clubs, activities or athletics
– Recognition that F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real.